Research Participants Wanted

IRB # 658-18-EX

Next step: schedule your participation

Receive up to $95 for participating!

More information below.


Participate in up to three 60-minute sessions between March 1 - 8.
Participate at least once to receive a $10 gift card as a token of our appreciation.
Participate multiple times to receive up to $95. Details below.

You will use a simulated web-based market place.
Like playing a game, you will try to earn virtual money.
No special skills or background required.

For questions, please contact me: Georg Link,
Now, please schedule your participation.

Personal Appeal

Hi, my name is Georg Link and I'm a PhD Candidate at UNO.
Today, I call on you to help me by participating in my experiment. As a member of the student body, I have fulfilled the social contract by helping other students in their research by participating. I hope that you will do the same for me and participate in my study, so that you may find participants when you do your own study someday.

For questions, please contact me: Georg Link,

Session Times

Please select up to THREE times and locations that are convenient for you and schedule your participation.

Friday, March 1

Monday, March 4

Tuesday, March 5

Wednesday, March 6

Thursday, March 7

Friday, March 8

You will be reminded via email of your selection before the session. Please sign up only for sessions that you can be attend for the full 60 minutes.

Information about the study

You are invited to participate in this research study. The information here is provided to help you make an informed decision whether or not to participate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

What will I have to do?

If you decide to participate in the study, you will be asked to participate in up to three 60-minute sessions. We will offer several sessions and you can choose the most convenient time. During the three sessions, you will be using a software prototype on a computer that we provide. The prototype will be the same in each session but content you are interacting with will be constantly changing. We will be tracking your behavior within the software and ask you at the end of each session to answer a few questions.

What data will you collect?

Participation in the study is voluntary. You have the right to change your mind at any time. You may stop participating in the study without penalty and without giving a reason. Your enrollment status or class performance will be unaffected by participating. Your participation will be anonymous and we collect your personal information only to communicate with you about scheduling sessions and to provide you with an Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for your participation. The value of the Amazon gift card will be determined by how many sessions you participated in.

How much in gift cards do I get?

Your gift card amount will be determined based on your participation, performance, and chance: (1) Depending on how often you participate, you will receive $10 for participating once, $20 total for participating twice, and $35 total for participating three times. (2) You can earn an additional $10 based on performance. (3) Each time you participate, you also enter in a raffle for one of seven additional $50 on top of your participation minimum. Your odds will depend on how many participate; we expect 70 participants. All together, you can receive up to $95.

What gift cards can I choose from?

We are planning to offer:

What about …?

The results of the research study will not be of use to you, and you will not be told individual results. We may share the full anonymous research dataset with collaborators. If you like to receive a final study report, you are free to let us know. If you have any questions about the rights as a research participant, please contact the principal investigator Georg Link via, the secondary investigator Vinod Ahuja via, or the faculty supervisor: Dr. Matt Germonprez via

How can I participate?

You can only participate if you consent. By clicking “I consent to participate” within the software prototype, you acknowledge that the information in this consent form was explained to you, you have read and understood the consent form, that your questions have been answered, and that you decided to participate. You will receive a copy of this consent form via email when we confirm your scheduled sessions.